Deep forest 2013

There are a few things I must do before I die. It may sound like a dramatic statement. It is. I need to head into the woods.

I am a very controlled person, I like making plans. And when I have made up my mind it is important to act upon this desire. I use to say: I don´t have dreams, I have plans. Having unfulfilled dreams is more than unsatisfying, it eats at you.
Doing, or at least, actually trying is part of my self respect. If I don´t, I will lose myself.

I will lose this notion of: This is who I am.

I am a person that likes nature, that likes new experiences or seeking out old ones and refining them.

I am not young anymore. I know about the world, and I know what I like. I like nature, untouched nature. Maybe because it is far from the bureaucratic controlled society. It´s not a "dirty word", but society is partly about regulations and lots of things that does not fulfill some basic needs I have discovered in myself. I like self sufficiency, in a sense that I can live for periods without the need for society. I thankfully will accept the "gifts" of modern society, such as fleece, gore tex, epoxy, GPS, walkie-talkies, vitamin pills e t c, but I do not have to like the regulations, the commercialized zones, the apathy that media consumption can bring, the unhealthy food full of sugar, the noise, the social rules.

Lets talk about what I like instead.

I like projects, challenges, expeditions.

I like nature and exploring.

I like trekking and sneaking around in beautiful woods.

I like self sufficiency.

I like having lots of time.

I like shooting a bow.

I like making things with a knife and an axe.

I like good views.

I like rivers and canoes.

I like the idea of living of nature.

So let´s do it. What are you waiting for? I will put on my boots, shoulder my backpack, get my axe, my bow and head into a deep forest and just stay there and survive. Sounds like a good plan, doesn´t it?

I have this desire you know, to kill and eat an animal. A strange urge indeed for someone that at times live like a vegetarian, and does not approve of the animal slaughter industry. When I eat meat, I am responsible for the death of that animal, hunting is just a way to take full responsibility for my hunger.

I will need to get better at shooting the bow. Get a better bow. I will need to get some license I guess. I will need fishing equipment. I will need a book that teaches me what is eatable in nature. And I will need a forest, a river and a canoe. And maybe even some collaborators.

Which forest, which river, which country - I don´t know.

30 days, 100 days? Kamtchacka? Mongolia? Canada?